Midway Deli

About Us

Walking into the Midway is like stepping back into a better time. Enter and you are greeted by a warm friendly, “Hi! Welcome to the Midway.

Bob Thompson who runs this family-owned gem quips, “People are usually lost when they find us.” The Midway is tucked in the middle of a neighborhood and is often discovered. Everyone has a story about how they discovered the Midway. “I like to call us Norman’s Bermuda Triangle,” Bob finishes with a wry smile. Here’s a map to help you find us.

Map for Midway Deli and Grocery

Legendary Sandwiches and Soup

Midway’s sandwiches are legendary. Ask for the best sandwich in Norman and you’ll probably be directed to the Midway. You’ll find a large number of sandwich choices often named in honor of whoever came up with the winning ingredients: the Coach, the Governor’s Reuben, the Michael. Each one is unique with awesome taste.

Bob’s better half, Maricha Thompson, is a big part of the magic. An incredible cook, Maricha prepares two different soups — from scratch — five days a week and they disappear quickly. So get there early.

Everyone loves the Deli

A stop at the Midway might find you rubbing elbows with Barry Switzer who takes a personal interest in the Midway and frequently brings guests to enjoy the food and fun. Toby Keith makes regular visits too. Willie Nelson’s signature is found among the signatures written all over the deli walls and your signature is just as important. “We don’t care what your mother said. It’s our wall and you can write on it.”

Bob and the staff take pride in the food they serve and they way they treat their customers. He says, “At the Midway, we treat ordinary people special and special people ordinary.” and that’s the way everyone likes it because Midway is a fun place to be and where “you can be yourself.” As Bob jokes in the local vernacular, “People come in oncest, twiced – pretty soon they’re regulars.”

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